Who is Killer in My Demon K-Drama?

Who is Killer in My Demon K-Drama

The Korean drama My Demon is very famous because it has an interesting plot and beautiful actors. In the K-drama My Demon, the story was more interesting because no one knows who the killer is. Let’s take a look at the killer, the actor’s real name, and the series’ major villain in the Korean drama My Demon.

Who is Murderer in My Demon Kdrama?

Actor Name (Kim Seol Jin)

Kim Seol Jin

A Korean actor named Kim Seol Jin played Killer Gi Gwang Chol in the Korean show My Demon. They tried to kill Do Do-Hee and Jeong Gu Won. He is the main killer in the show. The boss of Gi Gwang Chol is Noh Seok Min, the oldest son of Miss Joo. He tells him to kill Do Do-Hee.

My Demon K-Drama: Villians

There are two main bad guys in the Korean show My Demon. They are Na Do-Gyeong, played by Kang Seung Ho, and Noh Seok Min. To hide what he has done wrong, Noh Seok Min does something terrible: he kills his own mother. He wants to become CEO of Mirae Group, so he plans to kill Do Do-Hee. He even tells his son, No Do Geyong, that the deaths have to be done.

Some drama fans are also suspicious of Joo Seok Hoon, who is played by Lee Sang Yi, and think that he might be working with the bad guys. He is trying to be on Do-Hee’s side, but it turns out that he really backs her. He’s only slightly envious of Gu-Won because Do Do-Hee loves Gu-Won.

When it comes to playing the killer in the show, Kim Seol Jin did a great job. His performance is really great. He plays the main bad guy, who hides behind different faces and tries to kill Do-Hee more than once.

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