What Socks to Wear With Cowboy Boots

What Socks to Wear With Cowboy Boots? [Top 5 Picks]

Cowboy boots have always been popular, and not just on the field or at the rodeo. Their rough look and ability to be worn in different ways have made them a fashion statement in cities as well.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of cowboy boots or just trying them out for the first time, the socks you wear are an important part of the look.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll walk you through the world of cowboy boot socks and help you find the best pair for comfort, style, and sturdiness.

Why the Right Socks Are Important

Comfort is a Must

Cowboy boots can be fun to wear, and comfort is the most important thing. The right socks can make all the difference in keeping your feet from getting blisters and keeping them comfortable all day.

Durability Is Important

If you buy good socks, they will last longer and can handle the wear and tear that comes with wearing cowboy boots.

Style and Versatility

Socks aren’t just for comfort; they can also make your cowboy boots look more stylish. Getting the right pair of shoes can make your whole look better.

Types of Socks for Cowboy Boots

Crew Socks

Crew socks are a good choice because they can be worn with both classic and current cowboy boots. They have a good amount of padding and can be worn every day.

Over-the-Calf Socks

These socks are made to stay up all day and give you more coverage. If you want more support and safety, they are a great choice.

Boot Liners

Boot liners are made to keep your feet dry and aren’t too heavy. They are perfect for hot weather or if you want to wear your cowboy boots for a long time.

Thermal Socks

When you go out in the winter or somewhere cold, thermal socks will keep your feet warm and cozy in your boots.

Materials Matter

Cotton Socks

Cotton socks are famous because they are easy to breathe in and feel good. However, they might not be the best at wicking away sweat.

Wool Socks

Wool socks are a good choice because they naturally keep your feet dry and warm. Your feet stay dry and warm.

Synthetic Blend Socks

Socks made of synthetic materials are often durable and wick away sweat, making them a good choice for a wide range of weather conditions.

Silk Socks

Silk socks are known for their soft feel and ability to keep moisture away. They are great for parties and other special events.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Sock Size

Ensuring the right sock size is crucial. Ill-fitting socks can lead to discomfort, so pay attention to sizing charts when making your purchase.

Thickness and Padding

Consider the thickness and padding of the socks based on your comfort preferences and boot style.


If you live in a hot climate or plan on wearing your boots during the summer, prioritize breathability to keep your feet cool and dry.

Maintenance Tips

Learn how to care for your cowboy boot socks to prolong their life and maintain their quality.

Why Do Cowboy Boots Need Tall Socks?

Ankle socks work well with sneakers, but they won’t work with cowboy boots. For cowboy boots, you need tall socks so your feet don’t rub, chafe, or get blisters.

Socks can also keep your feet comfy by giving them padding and support. They also soak up wetness, which keeps your feet dry and healthy since sweat can cause bacteria and fungus to grow.

Depending on what the socks are made of, they can help keep your feet warm in the winter or cool in the summer.

Best Socks to Wear With Cowboy Boots

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Camel City Mill Lightweight

Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack, Black (6 Pairs), Shoe Size: 12-15
  • Soft Breathable Moisture Control Fibers
  • Arch Compression Support and Stability
  • Ventilation Channels Enhance Air Flow
  • Durable Reinforced Heel and Toe
  • Fabric content may vary by color

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The Camel City Mill Lightweight Work sock is my top pick, and I went back and bought more of it.

This is the perfect cowboy boot sock for me because it goes up to mid-calf and stays up for at least 12 hours, it’s made with a lot of Merino wool so it doesn’t make your feet sweat, it has padding in the heel to stop heel slippage, and it doesn’t crowd my feet in my boot.

Also, from what I’ve seen so far, these socks seem to be very tough. I haven’t had any problems with holes or fabric wearing away, and Camel City Mill also guarantees their socks for 10 years.

The Camel City Mill Lightweight also has a bit of compression in the calf and around the arch, which helped my feet heal a little faster after those long work days where I stood a lot.


  • The 53% Ironside Merino wool in these socks makes them very sturdy, but they are still soft and keep my feet dry all day. I can’t stand it when my feet sweat.
  • These did the best on my “12-hour” test, because they stayed up all day without any problems.
  • I love that Camel City Mill promises to last for 10 years.
  • Made in USA.


  • They’re a little pricey, but if you buy more than one pair, you can get a discount and free shipping. Still, stocking your drawer with them is an investment.
  • At the time this was written, they only had black.

Darn Tough Paul Bunyan

Darn Tough 2007-C-3019-03 Steely Micro Crew Midweight with Cushion w/Full Cushion-Toe-Box Graphite Small
  • We close every toe seam using our True Seamless Toe technology for an...
  • A performance fit means no slipping, no bunching, no excuses. These...
  • Lightweight yarns create socks so smooth and comfortable you'll want...

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Paul Bunyan is one tough sock in The Darn Tough. It’s also pretty thick, so if you want to wear these, you’ll need a little extra room in your cowboy boots.

The Paul Bunyan goes up to just below the knee, and it’s the only sock I’ve tried besides the two Camel City Mill socks that stayed up for more than 12 hours.

I can only wear my Darn Tough Paul Bunyans with my Tecovas Bandera work boots. I bought these boots a half size bigger than I usually would because my feet swell when I work outside in North Carolina’s heat.

So I have some extra space. I think I’d be stuck in my cowboy boots forever if I wore the Paul Bunyan’s with their thick padding along with my other boots.


  • They are 17 inches from heel to cuff, so they sit just below the knee and stay up all day.
  • They have full cushioning all the way through, so they are great for colder weather or if you want to fill out your boots a bit more.
  • Darn Tough offers a wide range of sizes, from S to XXL.


  • Because the cushioning goes all the way through the sock, they make my feet look too big when I wear them with regular cowboy boots. When I wear them with the boots I chose a half size bigger than I usually do, they feel better.

Camel City Mill Heavyweight

Carhartt Men's Force Performance Work Socks 3 Pair Pack, Black, Large
  • 3-pack; FastDry wicks away sweat; fights odor
  • Heel, arch and toe cushioning
  • Enhanced heel pocket for secure fit
  • Ribbed channels improve ventilation on leg
  • Mesh instep for breathability

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Having a little extra padding around the toe is a must if you wear steel-toed cowboy boots to work. Even more so when it’s cold out. That doesn’t make me feel good.

I really like the Camel City Mill Heavyweight for cowboy work boots with a steel toe (or any other kind of safety toe). The Heavyweight is more cushioned than the Lightweight in the leg, toe, heel, and arch.

They aren’t quite as thick on the top of the foot as the Darn Tough Paul Bunyans, so I didn’t feel like they took up too much room in my cowboy boots. However, they still offer good protection around the ankles, which is where I usually get hot spots from bending in my western boots.


  • Because the heel and toe have a lot of padding, these are a great choice for safety toe western boots.
  • They don’t have as much padding on top of the foot, so they don’t add a lot of volume and make your boots too full.
  • Even with how much padding they had, my feet stayed dry while I wore them.


  • There is only one size, L, which fits boot sizes 9 to 13.

Fox River Hike MX1 Lightweight

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Wool is the best material for socks, even when it’s hot outside. This might surprise you. I thought wool was only good for cold weather, but that’s not true.

I always had trouble with my feet getting wet. After a long day, they would be wrinkled and smell bad. I was wearing rayon and cotton socks, so that’s why.

Cotton is a little bit better than polyester, but neither is very good at letting air through. The trouble is that so many brands say that their socks are made of fabrics that keep sweat away, but this isn’t true.

Wool is the best material for socks when it comes to getting rid of sweat. So, if you want a cowboy boot sock for hot weather, my top pick is still the Camel City Mill Lightweight, but the Fox River Hike MX1 Lightweight is a good second choice.

It is a climbing sock, but it has 22% Merino wool, which helps the sock breathe. Also, it’s thinner, so it won’t make your cowboy boots too tight.


  • These socks have vents on the top of the foot, which lets more sweat escape from the top of your foot.
  • The Coolmax fabric makes them dry quickly, and the Merino wool makes them breathe better.


  • They stay up for a few hours, but I had to pick them up a few times during the day.

Ariat Mid-Calf Cotton

ARIAT Unisex Heavyweight Performance Merino Blend Mid Calf Socks, Grey, Large
  • SEAMLESS TOE - Advanced knitting techniques create a totally flat...
  • GREAT PERFORMANCE – The athletic socks perform greatly due to...
  • MID-CALF SOCKS - A bit higher than your average crew sock, but they...
  • ALL DAY COMFORT - The unisex mid-weight socks are made of high-quality...
  • INTEGRATED ARCH SUPPORT - A reinforced heel pocket keeps these socks...

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The only cotton socks I suggest are these Ariat Mid-Calf socks. Merino wool is the only wool for me.

I think you’ll feel the same way about wool once you try it.

But I still wear cotton socks sometimes, especially when I’ll be wearing them for only a few hours and shouldn’t be getting too hot.

For shorter roper boots, the Ariat Mid-Calf Cotton Socks are a great choice. They don’t come up far enough on the calf to work with traditional cowboy boots, but if you’re wearing a 6-inch boot and want a cheap, comfortable pair of socks, these Ariats are a great pick.


  • The ring spun cotton is thick and soft, which makes it feel very cozy.
  • They are stronger in the heel and toe to make them last longer.
  • They come in M, L, and XL sizes.


  • They are the only socks on this list that weren’t made in the United States.

What are the best socks to wear in the winter with cowboy socks?

Wool socks are the best to wear in the winter. Wool socks will keep your feet warm and comfy, and they will also keep them from getting blisters, cuts, or rashes.

Merino wool is a great choice for boot socks, in particular. They keep you warm in the winter and move wetness away from your skin. They are also softer and don’t itch as much as other kinds of wool.

What are the best socks to wear in the summer with cowboy boots?

In the summer, you want socks that let air in, wick away sweat, and are light but sturdy. Cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex are all good choices for summer.

Frequently Asked Question

How often should I replace my cowboy boot socks?

Depending on how often you wear them, it’s best to get new ones every six months to a year.

Can I wear regular socks with cowboy boots?

You can wear any socks with cowboy boots, but socks made for cowboy boots will be more comfortable and last longer.

What’s the difference between crew socks and over-the-calf socks?

Over-the-calf socks offer better support because they cover more of the leg and are less likely to slide down.

Are silk socks suitable for everyday wear with cowboy boots?

Silk socks are so delicate that they should only be worn on special events.

Do I need different socks for different types of cowboy boots?

When picking the right socks, you should think about the style of your boots and the weather. Different boots have different needs.


In the world of cowboy boots, socks are a small but significant detail that can make a world of difference in your comfort and style. By understanding the various types of socks, materials, and fit considerations, you can make an informed choice that complements your cowboy boots perfectly.

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