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Salem Khammas Biography

Meet Salem Khammas, a man who needs no introduction after his appearance on season 2 of the hit reality show “Dubai Bling” along with his Co-Star: Zeina Khoury. Salem, who is affectionately called Ebraheem’s “brother,” is more than just a reality TV star. He is also an ambitious businessman who wants to help others find their own way to success.

Due to his roles as chairman and businessman, Salem has a lot of power and influence. This gives him the chance to go on exciting trips around the world and see beautiful places like Japan and Paris. But this wasn’t the beginning of his path to success.

Before starting his new business, Salem was the respected executive director at Al Ahli, a well-known UAE contracting company that specialized in metal, glass, and cladding work. He learned a lot about the business from this experience, which was very helpful.

Today, Salem stands as the revered head of not one, but four distinct businesses. One of these businesses is his own, which shows how determined and good at business he is. Also, it’s important to note that his company works as an agent for the respected Naveen Jindal, an Indian businessman, humanitarian, and former MP.



Birth NameSalem Khammas
Birthday9 January, 1979
Birth PlaceUnited Arab Emirates
EducationBachelor’s Degree
ProfessionUAE-Based Businessman
Martial StatusSingle
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight76 KG
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Net Worth$50 Million
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Salem Khammas Career:

Salem Khammas has successfully done a lot of great things at work. It all began in 2002, when he was hired as a manager at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. As a businessman, he quit his job in 2007 to become an executive director at Al Ahli Holding Group, where he worked for nine years.

Salem went to California State University and got his bachelor’s degree in accounting so that he could follow his love of business. He learned more and got the skills and knowledge he needed for his future goals by getting an MBA from Zayed University.

Salem made a big step forward at work in 2016 when he opened his own company called Shamal General Trading. He became an entrepreneur when he went into business for himself. He worked there for two years and then became an executive at Autocad building, a well-known building company in the UAE, in 2018. He also joined Kunoz Engr at the same time, which showed how adaptable he was and how well he could do different jobs.

Salem was soon made chairman of the well-known building company Abraj Constructions because of how well he led and how much he knew. Three months after he became chairman, his company got a big job with the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. This made him look like a more successful businessman.

The success of Salem’s work has allowed him to see the world, including famous places like Japan and Paris. He is the CEO of four building companies: Shamal GT, Autocad building, Abraj Constructions, and Kunoz Engineering Consultancy. This shows how important and strong he is in the business.

Naveen Jindal is an Indian billionaire businessman, philanthropist, and former Member of Parliament. Salem has met and worked with Jindal through his business efforts. Salem is clearly more successful and wealthy because he works with such wealthy and successful people. His net worth is thought to be more than $50 million.

Aside from his job, Salem is very interested in horse beauty pageants. It’s clear from the thank-you posts he writes on Instagram for the technical staff and teams that put together different competitions.

To sum up, Salem Khammas’s work history shows that he is determined, a good boss, and an enterprising person. Salem has done a lot of great things that show how smart (and driven) he is at business. He started out as a bank manager and is now the chairman of several companies.

Salem Khammas Movies & TV Series List:

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