How to dry out boxing gloves

How to Take Care of Boxing Gloves Easy Guide

It’s nine p.m., and you’ve just returned from class. You’re exhausted and achy. You desire a beer, a shower, a bed, or any combination of the three. You glimpse your workout bag, a jumble of discarded wraps, gloves, and shorts. It’ll last until morning, correct?

Are you curious to know How to Take Care of Boxing Gloves? We understand that you’re exhausted. But, trust us before we say that you should carefully take care and maintain your gloves. The truth is that gloves are perhaps the most critical and costly component of your outfit. Finding the ideal gloves is a dream come true. After training, your punches feel faster, and your hands feel better. Therefore, if your gloves look after you, why aren’t you looking after them?

Leaving your gloves in your bag and picking them up and using them the next day will damage them within a year. You wouldn’t skip a shower following training, would you? (we hope you do). Fortunately, you can follow a few simple procedures in cleaning your boxing gloves and avoiding or reversing dirty boxing gloves.

What Is the Mechanism of Action of Boxing Gloves?

Unlike most other martial arts, boxing has minimal move sets, with only the fists permitted for striking. While this is beneficial in a sports sense because it puts a premium on technique, it also results in high-intensity head and body attacks. Before adopting the contemporary regulation set, boxing was significantly more dangerous. 

Numerous things contribute to this – the environment, a lack of adequate health care and medicine, a lack of refereeing standards, and a lack of gloves. When boxing sans gloves, the pace of a punch is significantly faster, and the impact is considerably more condensed, resulting in a significantly increased risk of cutting/tearing your opponent’s skin and breaking your bones. 

Additionally, dirty techniques were more prevalent, and without gloves, accidental or purposeful eye gouging with the thumb is always a possibility. Boxing gloves address many of these concerns. The gloves fit snugly around the hand, naturally forming a fist, and protect the entire back of the hand, fingers, and thumb. The cushioning marginally slows the fist’s acceleration and significantly lessens the strength of the impact on both the hands and the opponent. 

At the moment, these are significantly boosting the sport’s safety. Where things become complicated, however, is when we consider the long-term consequences. You would believe that the gloves’ padding helps absorb the shock of head punches, but this is not the case.

How to Take Care of Boxing Gloves?

As a boxer, your gloves are a crucial component of your kit, and they are always in contact with your sweaty palms. Like any other sporting equipment, Boxing gloves necessitate regular cleaning and repair. When you use your gloves for long periods, they may begin to smell and grow fungus. 

It’s best to take preventative actions from the beginning to prevent that odor from developing in the first place. You can keep your gloves odor-free and clean by following a few simple guidelines.

  • After a training session, most boxers throw their gloves in a bag and forget about them. After training, please do not place your gloves in your luggage because they are likely to become infected with bacteria.
  • With a dry towel or cloth, carefully dry the inside and outside of your gloves. Upon arrival at home, hang your gloves in a well-ventilated area.
  • Boxing gloves can be kept in the freezer overnight, sealed in airtight plastic bags, to eliminate any germs that may be present. After that, let them out in the sun for about a week.
  • When you’re not wearing them, stuff them with old socks or newspapers. Antiseptic spray can be used once a week to kill microorganisms.
  • Some people use over-the-counter deodorants to mask the odor, but this is only a short-term fix. Gloves with deodorant can be purchased and sprayed after usage. These antibacterial deodorants extend the life of your gloves by killing germs and keeping them fresh.
  • Soak some cedar chips in socks, then tie the ends together. Putting them in your gloves is a fantastic way to mask unpleasant odors.
  • Hand wraps are a convenient way to keep sweat off your hands, and they’re also easy to clean. Buying two pairs of gloves will allow you to dry one while you use the other.
  • You should use Chemicals and sprays excessively because they can damage your gloves. Cracks can form on the surface of gloves.
  • Do not use a drying machine to dry gloves. They can be air-dried or sun-dried. It is best to avoid soaking your gloves for an extended time in the water.
  • When hand washing your gloves, expect the drying time to be a few days. Use a hairdryer to dry the gloves quickly, but not for an extended period.

How to Clean Boxing Gloves?

Even with the most severe precautions, your boxing gloves might become unclean and odorous. You must clean them regularly to deodorize and restore their freshness carefully. Here are a few methods for deodorizing your gloves:

  • To Eliminate Germs, Utilise Anti-bacterial Spray

Applying antibacterial spray to your boxing gloves will help prevent germ and bacteria buildup. If your gloves have become excessively dirty and have developed a strong odor, you need to spray them to eradicate all the bacteria. Following spraying, hang your gloves in the sun or somewhere with some fresh air. It will revitalize them for the upcoming training session or match. This procedure is ideal for cleaning your boxing gloves regularly.

  • The Soak in Saltwater

Saltwater is excellent for preventing the growth of foul-smelling microorganisms and eliminating unwelcome boxing glove odor. To begin, ensure that your gloves are seawater resistant. (Some materials may become harmed when exposed to a saline solution; thus, inspect the fabric of your gloves before use.) If your gloves are saltwater resistant, soaking them overnight in a saline solution will eliminate odor-causing microorganisms.

  • The Stuffing Technique

You can also employ “glove dogs” to clean your gloves. It is a little cotton bag loaded with cedar chips that suck bacteria out of the glove and restore their freshness, leaving them smelling clean and fresh. Stuffing your gloves with glove dogs removes all excess water and dries them dry. It is one of the Right ways to clean and avoid the growth of stinky germs. Your gloves will last longer as a result of this technique.

  • Utilize ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

You may clean Professional boxing gloves, sneakers, gym bags, punching bags, and other equipment with apple cider vinegar. To clean your boxing gloves with apple cider vinegar, follow these steps:

  • In your hand, take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar.
  • Apply this to the gloves’ lining.
  • The gloves should no longer smell if they are dried out overnight.
  • If your gloves are filthy and foul, you may need to use more vinegar.
  • Utilize Bicarbonate of Soda

Boxers, fighters, and coaches also use baking soda to clean and deodorize their gloves. Using baking soda, paper towels, and an old pair of socks, you can get your boxing gloves nice and clean with a bit of elbow grease.

  • Use paper towels to clean the gloves on the inside and the outside.
  • To maintain the baking soda from falling out of the socks, tie a knot in each one.
  • Leave the socks and gloves in your hands overnight.
  • Because of the socks’ ability to absorb moisture and odors from the gloves, your hands will smell great when you remove them from your hands.

Is It Safe to Wash Boxing Gloves?

How to Take Care of Boxing Gloves

Hand-cleaning boxing gloves may become somewhat laborious. May entice you to toss them in with your filthy socks in the washing machine. Never wash boxing gloves in the washing machine, regardless of how awful they smell or how dirty they are. 

Your washing machine will wet the leather and inside foam cushioning, which may rot or deform if not dried properly. It is recommended that you wash your boxing gloves by hand. Never cut corners when it comes to glove care.

Is It Possible to Dry Boxing Gloves?

As with a washing machine, a tumble dryer may be an attractive option for drying your boxing gloves fast and conveniently. While keeping your gloves dry when not used is essential, using a tumble dryer is not good. Because boxing gloves with leather or synthetic outers will suffer severe damage at high temperatures, it is recommended to allow your gloves to dry gradually at room temperature.

Is It Required to Wash Your Boxing Gloves?

Should clean Boxing gloves after each use. Please give them a brief wipe down and let them air dry to remove moisture and extend their life. Your gym backpack is not the place for sweaty gloves. After training, let them take a breather in the open air.

Should clean Your boxing gloves before putting them in your gym bag. It will absorb excess moisture. A dry towel or rag can be inserted inside your gloves for a few minutes to remove any remaining sweat from the gloves. After training, you can put them in front of a fan to dry.

Another option is to apply a light dusting of baby powder. Should store the gloves in an area that is neither too hot nor too cold. Please keep them in a cool, well-ventilated area to extend their life and eliminate any lingering boxing glove stench.

How Often Should Boxing Wraps and Gloves Be Replaced?

Once the elastic or Velcro on your wraps wears out or develops rips and tears, it’s time to replace them. We recommend keeping extra pairs on hand to ensure you are never without enough protection.

Heavy bag boxing gloves often last between one and two years, depending on the quality of the glove and the intensity of your training. If you notice that your knuckles are becoming more sensitive to impact, you should consider replacing them to minimize hand injury. Naturally, if they begin to smell, that is another indication that it is time for an upgrade.

Taking care of your hand wraps and boxing gloves will keep them in better condition for an extended time. It’s simple to incorporate some specific cleaning activities into your post-workout regimen. It’s a simple time commitment to safeguarding your most valuable boxing equipment.

FAQs – How to Take Care of Boxing Gloves?

Do Boxing Gloves Crack?

And cracking is one of the most prevalent issues that result in the demise of your favorite pair of boxing gloves. The good news is that preventing your boxing gloves from cracking does not have to be a burden, and extending their life can also save you money.

How Long Do Boxing Gloves Last?

Boxing gloves have an estimated life expectancy of about one to two years. If you practise vigorously consistently, your gloves may wear out within a year. Therefore, think of replacing them with a new pair of gloves if you’ve been using the same pair of gloves for years.

How Do You Moisturise Boxing Gloves?

Load a couple of pieces of clean newspaper into your boxing gloves by rolling them into balls. Fill every corner to ensure that any excess moisture is absorbed. Leave your gloves in this state for a few hours, checking on them periodically.

How Do You Tell When Boxing Gloves Are Worn Out?

If the leather or material around the knuckle begins to crack or show severe wear, replace it immediately for safer contact. There must be at least 1.5-2″ of cushioning across the knuckle. Additional wear and contact will cause the foam to degrade more rapidly and should be replaced.


After reading the above detail Guide, you can quickly resolve the problem about How to Take Care of Boxing Gloves?

If you keep your gloves in your gym bag after using them, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Disinfecting your gloves to prevent the growth of bacteria and limiting your exposure to damp circumstances are the primary goals of this essay. Soiled boxing gloves left in a gym bag for an extended period go against everything we are attempting to accomplish. 

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