how to stretch canvas shoes

How To Stretch Canvas Shoes In 2021?

A new pair of canvas shoes are not only fashionable and stylish but also affordable and versatile. The sole drawback is that this footwear is stiff and uncomfortable within the toe space. We will show you How To Stretch Canvas Shoes using some simple techniques so that your feet get the comfort they deserve.

Canvas is a straight woven fabric made from hemp and is common in shoes because of its durability. Plain canvas shoes usually have an upper canvas material with rubber. Although these shoes are cheap and readily available, they often require intermittent breaking to ensure maximum comfort.

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Tight shoes are painful to walk on. Usually, new shoes are broken just by walking around in them. Unfortunately, canvas shots cause sores on the fingers and toes during the process and require extra stretching for a comfortable fit.

How To Stretch Canvas Shoes

There is much explanation of why you may have to unfold your canvas footwear. To break them, to adjust the pair, which is very tight. We’re all there, you try on your shoes in the store, and they fit perfectly, however, while you put them on for the primary time, they rub you off and leave you with foot pain.

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In this informative post, we will help you discover the perfect fit for your comfortable canvas shoes. Unveiled in some of the easiest ways, whether it’s our signature old school pair or our famous slip ounce.

Quick Ways to stretch canvas shoes

You’ve got a new pair of shoes and can’t wait to wear them with style and comfort; however, there are tight areas in your footwear that may be a nuisance when strolling. We’ll present you How To Stretch Canvas Shoes fabricated from the canvas utilizing varied stretching strategies and getting the proper shoe dimension.

If your footwear is just a little soiled, it is an excellent suggestion to care for the stains and knees earlier than staining. Clean your canvas shoes from the spot or wash them thoroughly. Can you wash Tomas’s shoes? Yes, of course, you can. Take some precautions first, so you don’t hurt them.

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You can clean white canvas shoes slightly different from a colourful or darker colour with your style.

TOP TIPS FOR How To Stretch Canvas Shoes?

The first and probably most comfortable way to attach canvas shoes is to dig up a pair of thick socks. You can wear it with your canvas shoes to spread the material slowly without hurting your feet.

Thick socks

  • Find a pair of winter socks and put on them in your new canvas footwear.
  • Tie your shoes, as usual, make sure they are not too tight
  • Wear your boots around the home for several hours at a time and repeat the method as mandatory

This methodology is an excellent way to slowly and slowly extend your canvas shoes to make sure you loosen them just the right amount. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch, so invest in a good capo.


Another way to Stretch Canvas Shoes is to fill them, especially if your new shoes are incredibly tight on the toes and need extra wiggle room.

  • Pull out some newspaper or attach a couple of pairs
  • Right your newspaper or rolled-up socks at the end of your canvas shoes, making sure they’re pressed enough to extend the material.
  • Leave your footwear on in a single day to take away the stuffing within the morning
  • If your footwear usually are not unfastened sufficient, repeat this course of till they’re unfastened

A less traditional way of stuffing is to fill two zipper-lock bags with water and seal them firmly before popping them into your toes and putting them in the freezer. As the water freezes, it spreads and spreads the shoe fabric. But beware, you don’t want water slipping inside your new shoes!

5 Ways to How To Stretch Canvas Shoes

#1 How To Stretch Canvas Shoes Using Freeze your shoes

As the water freezes and spreads, freezing your shoes will only increase them.

All you have to do is fill a sandwich bag for just one foot with about 1/4 full of water. Put the bags in your shoes, put them in the freezer and leave them there until the water freezes. Once this is done, let it melt, take out the bag and try on your shoes. If a freeze doesn’t work, try again. This method can be a bit tricky, as you have to make sure there is no water in the shoes.

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For shoes (such as canvas) that may be wet, freezing the entire shoe can also work. Wet the whole shoe, pour water in, and freeze all. When it’s all over, hopefully, you have a shoe that fits.

#2 How To Stretch Canvas Shoes Using Heating mechanism:

If this process is perfected, you will be able to spread the canvas shoes on your feet flawlessly to the right size. This method can provide a perfect fit that is comfortable for a long time.

  • Check if there are any metal parts in your shoes. If they have, remove them.
  • Put your canvas shoes in the microwave and keep the temperature high. Make sure you only hold your shoes for 30 seconds.
  • Use potholes to carry shoes as it will be hot to touch the material.
  • Keep your shoes on the floor. Allow cooling for 30 seconds.
  • Squeeze your feet into the shoes. They will make your skin feel warm. Try to put your fingers behind you. Keep them going and walk in them for a while. Make sure you keep your feet slightly extended while the shoes are warm. This will help in stretching more efficiently.

The heating method can adapt your canvas shoes to your feet. If you think your shoes are still tight and need to be stretched more, try the next process.

#3 Step-by-step guide to pulling synthetic shoes

Follow this simple process to enhance your canvas or synthetic shoes. When done correctly, it should allow your shoes to fit your perfect size without stretching too much. It will provide you comfortably, and you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. Shoes made of human-made materials are usually designed to be more comfortable to wear every day. Make sure they fit correctly as long as you can wear them comfortably as you wish.

  • Make sure there are no metal parts in the shoe until you find out the quantity.
  • Place the pair in the microwave and simmer for 30 seconds (no more!).
  • Be careful when removing shoes. This will require the holders to be taken out safely.
  • Place your shoes on the floor and let them cool for 30 seconds.
  • Slip your feet into the shoes. They should feel a little warm, but not hot.
  • You are walking with feet in shoes. Make sure to move your toes back and forth, and even “squat” to extend the heel. The more you increase them while the material is warm, the better.

The heat from the microwave helps you keep items tailored to your feet, especially custom fit. If, after attempting this methodology, the footwear are nonetheless too tight, try the next:

  • Put on a pair of extra thick socks, and slip your ft into the footwear.
  • Turn your hairdryer to the ‘heat’ setting and point directly to the material’s most problematic areas. Don’t get too close to the material yourself, or you may burn your skin.
  • When you feel the heat begin to soften the material, bend your toes, and lightly massage your feet. Keep your feet flexed until the shoes feel more comfortable.
  • Take off your socks and try on your shoes. Repeat the process if necessary.

#4 How To Stretch Canvas Shoes Using Drying Your Shoes 

Take out a hairdryer and put thick socks on your shoes. The hairdryer will apply high heat to the shoe areas where you are feeling tight. When you begin to put the hairdryer on the shoe’s narrow scope, keep your feet soft, turning your feet back and forth to move the shoe.

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This movement needs to be done as much as possible. However, the method may not be easy to read, but it works better than the microwave trick.

The heat of the hairdryer helps to soften and stretch the fabric. It would be best if you aimed to dry your hair for about 20-30 seconds. As a precaution, avoid keeping the hairdryer close to your feet to avoid burning yourself.

#5 How To Stretch Canvas Shoes From Buying a shoe pulling tool.

If you’ve tried all the above strategies and feel that your shoes are still slightly tight, try using either a hair and colour stretcher tool or a stretcher spray.

  • Start by finding the area of ​​the shoe that needs to grow the most.
  • Next, place the shoe on the side of the hair with the outer ring.
  • Adjust the tool until the inside of the shoe is out.
  • Leave it overnight to soften the shoe.

Use the stretcher spray with hair and colour tools to avoid stretching your shoes too much, as the spray will help loosen the fabric.

FAQS (How To Stretch Canvas Shoes)

Will the shoemaker work?

Most shoe stretchers are designed to support materials such as leather or suede. While it is not impossible to spread canvas or other synthetic materials, it is more difficult because they are no less flexible.

If you only want to extend the canvas shoes, you should not go out and buy a shoemaker. However, if you already have a hand and want to try it on different materials, the important thing is to be patient. It also doesn’t work on your shoes or casual shoes as it does on dress shoes.

If you need the perfect outcomes from utilizing a shoe stretcher on canvas, be sure to use a shoe-pulling liquid. Kiwi Select Universal Shoe Stretch Spray is best available. A spreadable spray will help soften your shoes’ material so that your feet or shoe tree can safely increase the shoes’ safety. There may be several repetitive procedures with stretching devices and sprays.

What if I stretch my shoes too much?

One of the dangers of spreading artificial shoes is to increase them. Not only will this loosen up, but it will also cause more friction and blisters, as well as pressure on your feet. The stretching strategies listed in this article are designed to provide you with a correct customized match, do not make your footwear too huge.

If, however, your canvas shoes are too loose, there is a safe way to ‘shrink’ them a bit.

To fit your shoes, spray them with water until they are entirely moist inside and out. After that, place in a scorching dryer and let the cycle run for about 25 minutes. When you take away your footwear, they need to be barely shorter.

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For some persons, discovering the proper match with cloth, fabric shoes may require trial and error of various stretching and shrinking methods. Thankfully, synthetic shoes are quite flexible and can be maintained until you find the right fit.


Now that you’ve got realized several strategies to reinforce your footwear. You currently have the answer to How To Stretch Canvas Shoes as much as possible, and now you can quickly go to your closet and sew your canvas shoes. Can pull which must be increased. You can even help others remove shoes and never have to face hard shoes again.

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