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How to Match Handbag With Outfit Suitable Guide

You never leave the house without taking your purse with you. It is with you throughout the day. Naturally, you want it to coordinate with the rest of your dress and accessories. That was once simple. Women effortlessly coordinated their handbags with their belts and shoes. They took a calculated risk. Safes were stylish.

So you need to know How to Match Handbag With Outfit?

Today, the rules have changed. Women defied all conventions and experimented with textures, colours, and combinations that would have been impossible a decade ago, such as pairing “street style” with genuine leather handbags for an athletic look.

This increased adaptability provides you with additional possibilities. However, more options imply more difficult decision-making.

The following tips can assist you in matching a handbag to an outfit in this new (dangerous) fashion world:

How to Match Handbag With Outfit?

We can match our handbag by considering some essential things:

Keep in mind the Occasion

What are the occasions for which you’re travelling? What are your plans?

For instance, are you attending a business meeting or a party? Additionally, if you are attending a party, will you be dancing or simply socialising?

Or, if you’re drinking at a party, these are all practical considerations when selecting the appropriate purse to complement your outfit.

There are numerous events that you may attend frequently. I want to add a few of them, which are as follows:

Handbags for Officewear

When it comes to business attire, a certain level of professionalism is required. As a result, showy leather handbags are an absolute no-no. Ensure that the matching purse is not too little or too large since this will create an odd impression.

While you cannot experiment much with the glitzy and glam aspect of business attire, you can always play with colour. While black is the most popular and apparent choice, there is no harm in experimenting with yellow, crimson, or purple hues, as long as they are subtle and not overpowering.

Handbags for Nightwear

A formal and stylish clutch or tiny purse is appropriate whether you’re wearing a cocktail dress or a long gown. It is not the moment to be seen carrying an over-the-shoulder bag. Rather than that, pick up some fancy and classic looking bags.

Handbags for Day Wear

When you’re out for a shopping spree, a cup of coffee, or a casual get-together during the day, a simple dress code is your chosen fashion statement.

There is a stylish tote bag that fits the bill for this. It’s significant in size, and you can do a lot inside it while still benefiting more.

Handbags for Beaches

As the name implies, a handbag can double as a beach bag. Beach totes, casual leather handbags, satchel bags, and hobo bags are acceptable options.

Handbags for Summer Seasons

We recommend a sleek, over-the-shoulder bag for your favourite summer dress and sandal combination. Select a purse with clean lines that will draw attention to the flowing beauty of your gown.

Handbags for Travel Wear

When travelling outside of the city, you must appear and feel at ease and calm. As a result, cross body slings and messenger backpacks are appropriate. Not only are they big, but they are also sporty enough to carry a lot of stuff with style. It’s an excellent choice for a road trip.

Handbags for Formal Occasions

If you’re attending a wedding, a dinner invitation, a business meeting, or an opening event, would you choose a hobo or shopping tote bag? Not.

Formal occasions necessitate using a handbag such as a clutch, minaudière, or wristlet. You can also select designer handbags.

Handbags for Parties or Long Gown

For formal and elegant occasions, clutches and tiny handbags are appropriate. Additionally, you can match them with your favourite LBD. 

Metallic or sequined envelope clutches are an excellent choice if you’re wearing a sheath dress for instances where your gown features extensive detailing or ornamentation. Then a simple clutch is a better option.

Consider Your Body Shape While Choosing a Bag

When mixing your outfits and purses, the following factor is your body form. Like purchasing different clothes for your body type, you should get other purses. Sure bags will assist you in balancing your curves or adding curves as needed. Let’s discuss various body kinds and the appropriate handbags for each.

A Body Shaped Like a Pear

Because this body shape has bigger hips, any hip-length bag will accentuate your hips. To draw attention to your thinner midsection, choose waist-length bags instead.

A Massive Faux Pas

Once more, the game is all about proportions and maintaining a healthy balance. Busy ladies should avoid saddlebags and other bags that bring attention to their cleavage.


Consider a long, slim bag if you have all the right curves in appropriate areas. A long bag, mainly petite and curvy, will make you appear slimmer and taller. Consider a low-hanging suitcase if you are tall and curvy.

Tall & Slender

You want the polar opposite of a bag if you are tall and thin. Select rounder and big purses to assist balance out your figure. Additionally, you want to avoid long, slim bags at all costs.

Consider a Contrasting Color While Matching a Bag

While matching the handbag’s colour to other accessories like shoes and belts is extremely frequent, it is not the only option. Rather than playing it safe, you can also create a style statement by coordinating the colours of your dress and purse.

How to Match Handbag With Outfit

The first step is to determine which colours complement one another. Experiment with clashing hues to add a playful aspect to your design, but avoid going crazy. If you’re wearing a multicoloured gown, it’s preferable to keep your handbags monochromatic. 

For monotone ensembles, choose a printed purse to show off your stylish side. And when in doubt, choose with neutral hues such as black or white – they go with practically anything!

While you can mix and match the same colours, it’s best to experiment with the shades. For instance, if you’re wearing a dark blue gown, balance it out with lighter-coloured shoes and handbags.

Which Handbag Color Goes With Everything?

Colours That Go With Your Outfit:

While many girls do not match their purses to their clothes, you are more inclined to do so. However, maintaining a colour theme is still a good idea.

Several suggestions for colour coordination:

1] The colour red

Red is a very neutral hue. Red complements every colour of clothing. It looks great with navy blue, black, and white, as well as other frequently used shades.

2] Pastel-hued tote

A pastel-toned bag, such as rose-pink, paired with grey clothing may look fantastic.

3] Yellow Purse

Yellow handbags would look great with neutral-coloured apparel and gold jewellery.

4] Verdant

A green purse in any earthy tone may look fantastic.

5] Orange

In the warmer months, orange bags are desirable.

6] Brown

Brown bags look great with any outfit. Indeed, numerous companies on the market select brown as the top-selling colour due to its ability to go well with any colour clothing.

Essential Tips dor Women’s Handbag Carrying

When it comes to handbag selection, it is not a struggle between tall and short ladies or between slim and chubby people—however, tips on the Best Handbag for Your Outfit are appropriate for your body type.

Tall and slender women should go for short, slouchy bags such as clutches or hobos. Ladies who are petite in stature should avoid handbags with long straps, as these draw attention to their small frames.

On the other hand, Plus-sized ladies can look fabulous by carrying boxy to medium-sized purses that effectively balance out their curves.

FAQs – How to Match Handbag With Outfit?

Does Bag Use to Match Your Outfit?

A critical fundamental tip to remember is always to wear one neutral hue. Generally, people match their purses to their shoes. If you prefer to dress casually or in flowing fabrics, your handbag should complement the look. This purse is far too boxy and rigid for this athletic ensemble.

What Color Bag Goes With Anything?

Black is the all-time favourite traditional hue because it goes with everything. You can select a black bag style appropriate for both casual and business outfits.

Which Colour Is the Best for a Handbag? 

The best colour for a purse is a neutral hue like black, navy, grey, white, brown, or tan for most people. When choosing a bag for each season, you’re likely to choose darker hues in the winter and lighter hues in the summer.


It is the best response I can provide you in response to your questions on How to Match Handbag With Outfit? A handbag is the best investment you can make because you’re going to use it for at least 2-3 years; therefore, verify the review on an online store or the bag’s quality.

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