how to clean white socks

How To Clean White Socks Super Easy Hacks

Socks are a wardrobe item that usually collects dirt stains, which are especially difficult to remove when the stains are white. The stains soften the appearance of the skin socks, making the new pair of socks look like they’ve been around for years. Follow a simple cleaning procedure to remove stains and keep socks bright and white.

Here the three quick steps to clean your white socks.

Step 1

Dip one foot into warm water and 1 cup lemon juice into a basin. Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that will remove dirt stains from socks without damaging the fabric. Let it soak for 1 hour.

Step 2

Using a hot water cycle, place the socks in the washing machine. Along with 1 cup lemon juice and two tablespoons, you put in a regular laundry detergent wash. Powder dishwasher soap. The combination of these ingredients will restore the white color as well as remove and remove dirt stains.

Step 3

Allow the machine to complete the wash cycle, then dry if all stains are removed. Repeat the above procedure if any stains remain after washing.

If your family members wear a lot of white, then you probably wash white clothes often. Over time, they may turn gray or yellow, and may not even be white. Adding “secret ingredients” to the water during washing will help you preserve the original color. This article will show you how to use those additions to wash white socks.

6 Basic rules to keep your socks clean

  1. Do not wear white socks for more than one day.
  2. Wash them often.
  3. Choose a washing method depending on the material of the socks.
  4. Excessive rubbing will damage the shape of the product (especially if the fabric is rich in natural cotton threads).
  5. Washing socks with soap or rinsing them off before washing will increase the likelihood that items from the washing machine will be pure white.
  6. Always separate white clothing from colored items.

Choosing the right soap

So how to wash white socks so that they do not change from snow white to gray or yellow. Use some corrective recipes with each wash. Let’s consider each support tool with more help.

#1 Baking Soda

Wash white socks in the washing machine as usual, but add 150-200 ml of baking soda to the clean basket. The clothes you take from the washing machine will be white.

#2 Laundry soap

Ordinary soap will help to wash white things. Easy to use: Moist dirty socks with warm water and soap thoroughly with laundry detergent. Leave in a container overnight without water or in a plastic bag. In the morning, take them out and wash them in the washing machine in the quick wash or express washing mode.

#3 Boils

The old boiling method helps to clean the dirt with white socks. Put water in a pot and add a quarter lemon and a piece of laundry soap or some laundry detergent. Put on socks Boil for 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, wash the socks by hand in the washing machine or basin.

How To Clean White Socks Again

If you have not used folk wisdom and have washed your socks in despair, then both folk remedies and home chemicals will come to your aid.

#1 Turpentine

Such a mixture will help to restore a fresh white color even to washed gray socks, the white color of which was lost long ago. In a bucket (10 liters), mix 3 tablespoons of laundry detergent and 3 tablespoons of turpentine. Stir the mixture well and add socks. Leave on for a day, and then wash off as usual.

#2 Chlorine

Chlorine-containing products (bleach, liquid for toilet cleaning) will help eliminate gray or yellow color in the home. These products can only be used for cotton products.

Dissolve a couple of tablespoons of detergent in 2 liters of water, add 0.1 kg of laundry powder. Leave the hosiery in the solution for the night. In the morning, as usual.

Do not dry items in direct sunlight after this treatment (otherwise, the yeast may return, and it will be impossible to wash). After using such products, good ventilation is often required, so it is best to dry these clothes outside.

#3 Ammonia and peroxide

Homemade bleach can also be made from ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the ingredients in a 1: 2 ratio, apply the mixture on the socks, and leave for 30 minutes. Then wash as usual. Hang socks outside to get rid of the ammonia odor.

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