Best Socks to Keep Feet Dry

12 Best Socks to Keep Feet Dry In 2021

It is all about keeping your feet healthy, and one way they can do it is by absorbing the sweat, which would otherwise end up in your shoes. That said, not all socks are equal. The Best Socks to Keep Feet Dry are both much more effective.

If your feet sweat too much, your fair share of powders, absorbents, and maybe even deodorants specifically for your feet have probably been tried. But few think of the fabrics they put on their feet every day. Some materials are better than others to keep your feet fresh. The reality is that synthetic fibers are not as useful to extract moisture and hold moisture against your feet the rest of the day.

Many people prefer natural materials such as cotton and bamboo because they make breathable socks that sweat and airflow. A recent study shows that bamboo is right to a specific extent antibacterial; thus, it can also slow the growth of smell-causing bacteria.

But it’s not the only way. Some brands that use synthetic fabrics add antibacterial agents to their socks. All these brilliantly crafted socks are made to keep your feet dry, manufactured, or otherwise.

Farm to Feet Greensboro Multisport Socks (Best Socks For Dry Feet)

Farm to Feet Greensboro Multisport Socks
  • 57% Merino Wool, 41% Nylon, 2% Spandex
  • Made in US
  • Machine Wash
  • Merino wool is soft

While wool can seem counterintuitive because of how warm it is, these multi-sports socks from Farm to Feet Greensboro decrease how much sweat is trapped in your socks. They are also super fluffy, free of scratches, and use advanced knitting techniques to minimize blisters and chirping. “I had no problems with heat, sweat/dampness,” one reviewer says.

BrainSox No-Show Antibacterial Socks (Best Socks For Sweaty Feet Running)

BrainSox No-Show Antibacterial Socks

These antibacterial socks are thin and respiratory and are, in reality, infused with copper to contain the growth of bacteria. You even have a slippery bottom grid and mostly cotton to keep your shoes and feet comfortable.

Bambu Premium Bamboo Socks (Best Moisture-wicking Socks For Walking)

Bambu Premium Bamboo Sock
  • 4 Pack – Perfect Fit For Booties
  • Non-slip, Guaranteed
  • Premium Bam&bu Comfort
  • Odor Control
  • No-Fuss Guarantee

These bamboo socks use bamboo’s anti-microbial and sweat-wicking properties to keep your feet cool. They have a comfortable stretching design, which does not show under their shoes, and reviewers say, ‘They keep my feet dry.’

Smartwool Hike Crew Socks (Best Socks To Keep Feet Dry)

Smartwool Hike Crew Socks
  • 100% Wool
  • Made In USA
  • Warm Insulation
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Versatile Wear
  • Medium Cushion

These Smartwool Hike crew socks breathe quickly, wick moisture, and resistant to odor-causing bacteria because they are made of real Marino wool. That said, the walks in autumn and winter are also super warm and comfortable. “My feet don’t sweat, and they don’t ache because of the Aaah cushioning,” says a reviewer who also raves: “They last FOREVER.”

Under Armour Essential Twist No Show Socks (Best Socks For Dry Feet)

Under Armour Womens No Show Socks
  • Flat knit construction
  • Armourblock Technology
  • Dynamic Arch Support
  • Precision Y-heel pocket improves fit
  • Reinforced Heel

They are in lots of cute colors (which encourage matching on a laundry day), and ArmOur block technology is used to stop sweat and bacterial growth. This is why reviewers are saying that these critical Under Armor Twist socks “are very easy to wear when working out and far more pleasant to sweat in.”

Yhao Bamboo Casual Ankle Socks (Best Socks For Sweaty Feet Running)

Yhao Bamboo Casual Ankle Socks
  • Excellent Quality
  • Suitable Size
  • Lovely And Trendy Design
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Suitable Many Occasions

These casual knee socks are not only super-thin, breathable, and soft but also very easy to care for. They’re good at washing and don’t fade. “This brand was the best choice in terms of fabric content and cushioning, and comfort,” says a pleased evaluator.

New Balance Athletic Socks (Best Moisture-wicking Socks For Walking)

New Balance Athletic Socks
  • 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Moisture wicking
  • Stability fit arch
  • Seamless toe

These seamless athletic socks are loved by people who avoid odorous bacteria because they are handled with Silvadur. They have mesh panels for airflow, seamless toes to minimize sweat and sweat elimination.

Cotton No-Show Boat Socks (Best Socks To Keep Feet Dry)

Cotton No-Show Boat Socks
  • 95% Cotton/5% Nylon
  • The elastic silicone around the edge 
  • Socks bottom are made of cotton
  • Design Invisible socks
  • Elastic comfortable socks 

These boat socks are mainly made from cotton, so they are perfect for moisture absorption and airflow. They also have a delicate pattern for lace and a non-skid silicone parchment for discreet use in pumps, ballet flats, sneakers, or apartments. “These stayed on all day, which was impressive,” says one reviewer.

Kodal Copper Antibacterial Athletic Socks (Best Socks For Dry Feet)

Kodal Copper Antibacterial Athletic Socks

Since it is 80% cotton and 20% copper thread, it seems that Kodal antibacterial plugs can kill up to 99.9% of the bacteria in 2 hours. They also have to mesh ventilation to keep the feet dry and a tab to keep blisters from the sock’s backside.

Euro socks Snow Skiing Socks (Best Socks For Sweaty Feet Running)

Euro socks Snow Skiing Socks
  • 100% Other Fibers
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash

Euro socks are available for extra cold winter days or snow sports. They are non-bulky and fit like a second skin but make you feel relaxed with a lot of warmth. You are also infused with the power of Silver Drystat to keep your feet dry even though you sweat.

UA Performance Mid Crew (Best Moisture-wicking Socks For Walking)

UA Performance Mid Crew socks

If you want to keep your socks at crew length during your training sessions, go to the Under Armor pair. The sock is designed with its signature “Moisture Transportation System,” which means it is made from nylon and polyester to immediately force sweat onto the surface. 

You have the bonus to keep your feet fresh thanks to its anti-smelling technology infused in all threads. It also features an amalgamation in essential areas that help effects, supports the arch, and provides a bolder color range to make you stand out.

New Balance Hydrotec® No Show (Best Socks To Keep Feet Dry)

New Balance Hydrotec No Show socks

This low-cut New Balance choice is rugged enough to endorse any workout routine and is sufficiently discreet for any foot. They are infused with the “dry technology” signature of Modern Balance (mostly nylon and polyester), which eliminates any moisture that affects the surface, is snug, and has a tab around their ankle to avoid excessive bubbles skin irritation.

Common Causes of Sweaty Feet and Odors

If you have experienced an unpleasant odor after taking off your shoes, then you are aware of the unique, pungent odor that feet can produce. Although sweat indeed has a role to play here, this smell results in a mixture of sweat and bacteria. Currently, effort alone has no scent.

Athlete’s foot is a common source of foot odors. This condition is caused by foot fungus that grows on the foot and sometimes results in socks and shoes being worn and remaining damp for long periods. Sweaty socks caused by stress are often older than transpiration caused by exhausting exercise.


You may be shocked to find that cotton socks are one of the biggest culprits. But most of the socks you see in the shop are made of 100% cotton. Although this material is very cheap and easy to lounge around, it is not suitable for sport. Cotton socks are highly absorbed and quickly get damp if you sweat your feet. This can lead to constant smells and blisters.

Some Synthetic Fabrics

While some new synthetic fibers specifically designed to repel sweat are available, more conventional synthetic materials do not allow moisture to escape. You want to keep socks made of polyester, nylon, and plastic clear, as these materials will heat your feet and trap your socks with sweat.

Merino Wool

If you want a natural, beneficial fiber sock, merino wool naturally wipes away moisture and repels odors. It is also unbelievably respiratory and soft to the touch. This material can be worn in summer or winter since wool provides light insulating lightweight in cold weather without sweating your feet. This material is best of all robust and can withstand heavy outdoor use. If you wet your feet, it dries and maintains their shape very quickly.

Copper-Infused Fibers

Although you never think using a metal fabric for your feet before, copper-infused fibers have excellent anti-microbial properties. This helps protect against bacterial infections and avoids odors. This material is also used in compression socks, as copper has anti-inflammatory advantages.


Bamboo socks are wanted for their unbelievable softness and are also an environmentally friendly alternative. This cloth also has a natural resistance to bacteria that cause smells. It is more absorbent than cotton and keeps your feet dry even while sweating.


Although standard polyester fibers do little to battle foot sweat, Coolmax is a unique polyester fabric, both breathable and humidifying. This material has been specially developed to avoid odors, keep feet dry, and improve comfort or warmth with other materials.


Olefin is another kind of synthetic fiber called polypropylene. It is a gas propylene commodity with a manufacturing process that has a comparatively low environmental impact & it has many remarkable advantages. For example, it is hydrophobic and winds moisture and keeps sweat and water from your feet. It is unbelievably robust and cleanable. While it is a synthetic material, Olefin is very comfortable to wear and is not treated with chemical substances.

FAQS (Best Socks to Keep Feet Dry)

How do I keep my feet dry all day?

Stop walking in public places barefoot. Keep your feet dry. Keep your feet dry. If your feet sweat, use talcum powder & wear waterproof shoes, such as leather shoes. Wear wick moisture socks, and sometimes change socks if you’re stout footwear.

What kind of socks keep your feet from sweating?

Your feet need moisture winding materials like CoolMax, merino wool, Olefin, bamboo, and copper-infused textiles to face the challenge. Our socks help keep your feet dry and fresh during the most challenging work.

Our cotton socks bad for your feet?

Blisters can cause cotton socks due to the friction of the material to the foot. It also keeps in humidity. This can lead to fungi infections, and bacteria & cotton don’t hold their shape, either.

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