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Best Socks For Rucking in 2021 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

You can put on regular crew or athletic socks when you ruck, however must you? The quick reply is not any. Your ft are essential and socks are the primary protection in retaining them wholesome.

Friction is the enemy. When you’re rucking or mountaineering your foot tends to maneuver in your boot. This motion over time produces a friction rub and that is how a blister kinds. 

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On many occasions, blister prevention boils right down to carrying the proper socks. In this text, we wish to present a listing of the very best socks for rucking you may put in your foot to maintain them protected throughout long-distance rucks.

Best Rucking Socks on The Market

Below you’ll find our suggestions for the very best socks for rucking you may put in your ft. While compiling this record we selected socks that had been snug and sturdy.

Rucking calls for extra out of a sock than mountaineering so we needed to give you socks that will shield your ft and final whereas doing it.

We centered on socks which are nice for stopping blisters and retaining your ft dry.

What to Look For in Good Rucking Socks

Rucking is great for cardiovascular and strength training. While there are countless advantages to rucking, you want to prevent all reverses that can constantly obstruct your ability to ruck. A popular denunciation among athletes was that their legs hurt after the exercise and felt disgusting during the workout (especially when it rained or sweated a lot that day).

They should be suited as well as possible when choosing socks, whether moisture-wicking or otherwise. No baggage should be found on the heel because this causes the sock to slip, fall, and chok when walking. Some people who are rucking out suggest that they put double socks on or change them every 3 to 4 miles, but it can be a real problem, especially if you are in the area and feel the burning of your workout. Usually, the best jerk socks have these three qualities:

  • Merino Wool
  • Compression
  • Comfort
  • Odor-Free

Merino wool

Merino wool comes from Merino sheep, which is smoother and thinner than your ordinary daily wool. Because of its fiber composition, merino wool helps control body temperature. When it gets cold, the fiber curves and traps the air to keep the heat; on the other hand, it helps transfer the sweat off your feet when it is humid. This material is a must for jerk socks.


Healthy compression socks help increase the circulation of the blood. Better circulation can lead to less tiredness and give you more energy and energy while you ruck. Not only so, but according to a Kintec report, compression socks are recovered after training and help reduce the soreness after exercise. Moreover, do you want to keep dragging these socks in the middle of your training? Check out Smartwools rucking unisex socks.


This man speaks for himself. You should at least feel relaxed with the intense workouts in those socks!


Merino wool of good quality is made to avoid the accumulation of sweat and bacteria around your feet. It is important to avoid that your feet smell bad and keep them odorless.


You usually go hours and hours on time when you’re rucking, particularly when you’re in the military. A large part of every ruck march takes care of your feet.

To prevent your feet from being overheated, it is necessary to ensure that your socks are breathable. It means that any accumulation of sweat or heat leaves the skin and out of the Foot.

Rapid drying

When you continuously jump with wet socks, this can cause several other problems than discomfort:

1- Blister

Wet feet improve the friction of the Foot with the sock. That’s why the military has soldiers testing their boots on their socks (and pack an extra pair). Fast-drying socks are very necessary to avoid blisters from ruck-marching.

2- Rashes or Athletes Foot

Foot Damp conditions are breeding grounds for the growth of bacteria, rashes, and fungi. The longer you go with wet feet, the more chances you will develop them (source).

3- Trench Foot

It is an acute foot disease, which with soldiers is much more common. It is named after soldiers who continuously exposed their wet feet to cold and wet conditions.

The constant use of wet socks and boots in colder climates leads to the skin, blood vessels, and foot damage.

Heat is not often the source of damp feet with rucking issues.

Investing in socks of good quality will allow you to smooth your session. In addition, you are packing an extra pair if you’re in the wet terrain. Also, don’t forget to check on your feet; just take your shoes and socks off to see if it looks okay.

Wet socks can also trigger movement in various terrains so that they don’t necessarily come from extreme heat. However, having a fast drying sock means the effect of rucking with wet socks can be avoided or lessened.

Military Boot Socks – Best Socks for Rucking

Military Boot Socks - Tactical Trekking Hiking

Military Boot Socks are our alternative for the very best socks for rucking. These socks are superb. They compress excellent. They fill out a boot completely.

We rucked with these in Arizona. The warmth and distance are a recipe for a blister. Rucking for a few mile we observed our ft remained good and funky. There was no rub on our boot. 

The solely irritation we had was on our calphs from the compression. By the tip of our ruck we did not even discover it anymore.

The solely main downside is the worth. These socks are offered as particular person pairs and you’ll pay a premium worth for a premium sock.

Danish Endurance – Best Socks for Special Forces Selection

Danish Endurance Hiking Socks

Danish Endurance Hiking Socks are socks for the budget-minded or starting Rucker. These socks are supposed for hikers however can perform for truckers.

They hit all of the marks. Merino wool, examine. Moisture wicking, examine. Compression… partial examine.

The real draw of these socks is that you can get three pairs for 1 pair of the above midge racks.

These socks do function further cushioning that assist with blister prevention.

We like these socks for what they’re. Blister prevention on a finances.

Darn Tough Hiker – Best Socks for SfAS

Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock

Darn Tough Hiker Boot Socks are a really shut second to the Mudgear sock. They match nice, stored our ft dry throughout our rucks and stuffed our boot accurately.

Why selected the the mudgear sock over this one. Personal desire. we appreciated the way in which they match us over this sock. 

This is an objective designed hiker’s sock. Merino wool goes without saying. It compresses some however not as a lot as we want the best socks for rucking and that’s the sole factor we did not like

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However, all the pieces else about this socks is nice, you will not be dissatisfied in case you determined to buy one among these.

Great sock that solely marginally misplaced out to the primary on this record.

Wigwam Cool Lite HikerPolyester Socks for Rucking

Wigwam Cool Lite Hiker

Wigwam Cool-Lite Hiker Socks are the inexpensive best socks for rucking that works nicely in warfare climate environments.

These compression socks are made out of polyester, nylon, and X20 acrylic materials. 

These socks will preserve your ft cool and fill out a boot fairly properly. However, they do not have the thickness of a merino wool sock.

This sock is about half the price per pair of a Darn Tough or a Ruck Sock, and in case you stay in hotter climates this can be a robust sock to think about.

However it isn’t rucker for winter.

Steel Skinz Waterproof – Best Socks for Running

Steel Skinz Waterproof Trekking Sock

SteelSkinz Waterproof Trekking Socks have the honour of being the most costly sock on this record. But for good cause.

Cold climate rucks will be numerous enjoyable. However, they will additionally make for some moist ft particularly in case you are trekking by way of snow-filled areas.

MetalSkinz is 100 percent water proof whereas permitting your ft to breathe and stay cool. They are designed for cold-weather trekking.

Wearing these socks you possibly can stand in deep water and your ft will stay dry. You will in all probability need to dump your boot out although.

I’d not suggest these in sizzling climate environments, the waterproofing makes your ft sizzling.

Injinji 2.0 Outdoor – Best Socks for Rucking

Injinji 2.0 Outdoor Sock

Injinji 2.0 Outdoor Socks are the very best sock you may put in your foot in case you are involved about blister prevention. When it involves stopping blisters, lowering friction needs to be your primary purpose.

Injinji socks are excellent as a result of they compress they usually cowl every of your toes. This means they your toes will not rub collectively and you’ve got a decrease likelihood of getting a blister in your toes. 

These socks are made out of Merino wool and can preserve your ft dry and funky.

A few downsides, nevertheless. These socks do put on out, so you’ll finally have to switch them. And they don’t seem to be offered in packs so every pair should be purchased individually.

However, what’s gonna damage extra? Paying for pair of socks each on occasion or getting a blister in between your toes? For additional methods to stop blisters check out our article on Foot Blister Care.

Darn Tough 1/4 HikerBest Socks for Running

Darn Tough 1/4 Hiker

The Darn Tough 1/4 Hiker Sock is the sock for these that don’t wish to ruck in a full size sock. This sock has all the pieces the beforehand talked about Darn Tough Hiker has in a smaller type.

This is a the sock for people who put on mountaineering boots as an alternative of army boots whereas they ruck.

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This sock hits all the identical marks. Merino wool, lifetime assure, further material the place you need it, and compression.

These socks will wick moisture away out of your pores and skin and preserve your ft glad and dry.

Hoplite OCR – Best Socks for Rucking

Hoplite OCR Compression Socks

Hoplite OCR Compression Socks will preserve you protected throughout a GO Ruck occasion. During goruck you aren’t solely rucking however collaborating in varied bodily challenges.

The Hoplight sock was designed with occasions just like the Spartan race in thoughts. You may scrape your legs in opposition to rocks and different obstacles throughout a spartan race.

So the Hoplight sock has anti friction padding to stop damage to your shins and the again of your legs. As far as GO Ruck is anxious, you can be in water, or crawling by way of mud. 

These socks present further safety.

As a rucking sock they’re a terrific compression sock that can combat fatigue and foot ache by offering further stability.

These socks is not going to preserve you heat, however they’ll preserve your ft cool.

The Hoplight is a OCR sock that you shouldn’t overlook in case you are enthusiastic about GO RUCK occasions.

Fox River Wick Dry – Best Military Socks

Fox River Military Wick Dry Maximum Boot Sock

Fox River Military Wick Dry Maximum Boot Socks are the sock you must contemplate in case you want the very best socks for rucking however need to obey army laws.

These socks will preserve your ft dry, they’ve good compression to assist keep away from foot blisters, and they’re snug to put on all day. 

This will prevent from carrying a compression sock and a military sock. With the Fox River sock, you’ll solely want this one pair in your ft.

Smartwool PHD – Best Socks for Special Forces Selection

Smartwool PHD Ski Light Elite

Don’t let the identify idiot you. While they’re nice for snowboarding, they’re even higher for rucking. They’re over the calf and subsequently present much more safety. This USA made socks are made out of merino wool, Mesh, Nylon, Wool. (Link to Amazon)

  • They have a cushion within the chin space
  • Cushion for the only real of the foot
  • ELITE FIT SYSTEM options bi-elastic match bands which permit for flexibility

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