Best Bamboo Socks

Top 12 Best Bamboo Socks in 2021

Bamboo is gaining popularity among those seeking sustainable activewear. It is a perfect alternative to cotton and a medium competition for breathing mixes. The top 12 best bamboo socks we tested are outstanding examples of what the bamboo fabric brings to the table.

From the compression to the padded ankle socks, bamboo gives every active sock-style a gentle, arid feel. Bamboo also has inherent anti-bacterial properties. It is also a perfect material for socks – to help avoid odor and sweaty feet.

We have researched so that you can spend more time enjoying the best bamboo socks and locate them.

Cariloha Bamboo Socks


This company is renowned for its comfortable socks on the market. Their love of gentle, breathable, clean, and renewable bamboo products has spread to 16 countries. They have been the only retailer with entirely eco-friendly bamboo viscose items since 2007.

These best bamboo socks are made of 85% bamboo viscose, 10% elastane, and 5% nylon. As they are mainly made out of bamboo viscose, they are incredibly soft compared to other available socks.

The footbed is increased in thickness for better comfort. The socks have a smooth toe structure that prevents discomfort. They are hypoallergenic and are combined with odor-resistant materials that avoid bacteria and fungus. You are super absorbent and keep your feet dry during the day.

The sock comes in small and medium formats (5 to 8 sizes) and wide and extra-large formats (Sizes 8 to 12). Wearers usually report that they are true to size, while some reports are a little tall. They are available in five styles: Black/Grey, Charcoal/Coral, White/Grey, White/Aqua, and White/Grey.

This is a perfect sock for those who want extreme warmth and an absorbing sock. Although the price is a little high, the building is much better for the environment, and you get a decent product. Overall, best bamboo socks when you need nice soft socks that are absorbent.

BAMS Compression (100% Bamboo Socks)

BAMS Compression

Bams Bamboo Compression socks are encouraging their compression socks by the science behind bamboo. Bamboo has been developed to design them with the same “natural power,” making BAMS highly versatile and durable. The design provides therapeutical advantages, helps circulation, and offers your feet the extra energy they need for a day’s work.

In Bams, bamboo is whats. They are hypoallergenic, give medical compression, and are extra long-lasting. They last after washing, and some say that without thinking, they tend to be softer.

Bams Compression socks are designed using “professional compression” to combat injury and strengthen the muscles while minimizing tiredness, which also avoids tightness. They are also checked to make sure that they do not lose their compression after a few washes.

These provide a 99.9 percent anti-bacterial anti-bacterial odor-kill technology, which keeps the feet dry and prevents nasty smells from rising and sweat. It is 100% chemical and toxin-free and best suited to nurses, athletes, and even diabetics. Moreover, they are supported by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee if you are not satisfied with any cause at all times.

These best bamboo socks are not the cheapest in the lineup, but they are worth your money. The latter, and they do more than your typical sock when offering any operation or necessity you want. Bams Bamboo Compressions are worth every penny, whether you are pregnant, diabetic, or just extra active and enjoy the right circulation.

MeMoi (Best Bamboo Socks)

MeMoi Socks

MeMoi has been a leading legwear company for over 25 years. You aspire to remain a leading brand by diversifying the product line and providing as many options as possible in each product. They are designed to offer quality goods without breaking the bank.

80% bamboo, 17% nylon, 3% spandex. 80% bamboo. There is some debate as to whether Bamboo Rayon still has anti-bacterial anti-bacterial advantages to bamboo.

These socks are unbelievably soft and silky, perfect for sensitive skin users. They are thermo-regulatory and keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. They preserve humidity by eliminating moisture and allowing the sock to breathe. They are claimed to have anti-bacterial anti-bacterial characteristics by repelling spores and smells.

It’s 14 inches tall. Suitable for 9 to 11 sizes. The colors are Black; Ash; Charcoal; Espresso; Chaki; Military Olive; Purple Passion; Teal; Violet impressions, and White.

The price is equivalent to that of Cariloha. They are robust and sturdy yet still small enough to allow the feet to breathe. While they may be doubtful regarding anti-bacterial anti-bacterial properties, the sock is always better than cotton fusion when it is sourced from a renewable resource.

Men’s Bamboo Diabetic by Yomandamor (Bamboo Socks Mens)

Men’s Bamboo Diabetic Over The Calf Socks

This over-the-calf style is the first pair of the best bamboo socks for men on the list. The characteristics that make these socks so good are superficial: smooth, fluffy, airy, and comfortable to wear. They are known as “diabetic,” meaning they can help with swollen feet. But you will always love to wear these socks, even though your feet and legs are in average condition.

Let’s look at a few more details:

  • The socks are made of elastane and bamboo.
  • They’re seamless, and they don’t irritate their toes.
  • Feature the breathing holes of micromesh.
  • Blood should not interact with the non-binding top.

These best bamboo socks are just fine. You don’t have to go on, how soft or comfortable they are. All I can tell is that at any moment, even in summer, I might wear them.

Bamboo Viscose Diabetic Crew Socks (Bamboo Socks Mens)

Bamboo Viscose Diabetic Crew Socks

Another pair of bamboo diabetic socks that will make your feet better. These TeeHee Crew Socks are medium in length, come in different colors and patterns, and comfortably match the feet.

Here are some more details about them:

  1. Made of viscose, elastic natural bamboo, nylon, and spandex.
  2. It’s super smooth.
  3. The ventilation grid is featured.

All in all, these men’s best bamboo socks made a strong impression on me. The colors and designs are very soft and comfortable and allow you to select a pair for just about any occasion or activity.

Crazy Soft Crew Bamboo Socks (Cariloha Bamboo Socks)

Cariloha Men's Crazy Soft Crew Sock

Known for its bamboo goods, Cariloha knows how to make comfortable, soft, and convenient bamboo socks.

These are the main features of the Insane Soft Crew Socks:

  • They are made of bamboo viscose, elastane, and nylon.
  • Feature the improved pedestal for greater comfort and durability.
  • The toe is smooth and does not irritate the feet.
  • The socks are cozy, spacious, and airy.

I liked to wear the socks every day and had no problems with them. They are comfortable, breathable, and make my feet perfect.

+MD Soft Men’s Cushioned Bamboo Socks (Bamboo Socks Mens)

+MD Soft Mens Cushioned Bamboo Casual Crew Socks

The MD 6 pack of soft men, which women can also wear, is the right choice for anyone who wants a plain crew sock made from bamboo fiber.

The MD crew socks are made of bamboo, spandex, and polyester radiation. The combination of this material makes the socks atmospheric, comfortable, resistant to humidity, and hypoallergenic.

  • Three different colors are available: green, black and white.
  • The only downside to the socks is that some people are thin and tight. This can be corrected by ordering the right size for your feet.

Dig Authentic Bamboo Fiber Socks (Breathable Bamboo Socks)

Dig Authentic Bamboo Fiber Socks

The Dig Bamboo fiber socks fit your active lifestyle feet perfectly. The socks are designed to make your feet comfortable, durable, and respiratory.

The socks are recommended for those who have a lot of work to do. Who work daily and keep up with them in the gym. The socks are superbly coupled with athletic shoes and work boots.

These socks will help people with sweaty and smelly feet overcome these problems. The socks have a mesh ventilator that keeps the feet refreshed and not as sweaty as typical.

The socks also have the humidity absorbing consistency of all bamboo fiber socks, making a less smelling and other fungal foot problems. Dig bamboo fiber socks in purple, red, green, marine, and white are available.

The product’s only criticism is that these socks will appear to shrink in the dryer. The good news is that they usually stretch out when you place them on your feet.

You should dry your socks more carefully and dry them only in a small setting or remove them from the dryer while they are still damp. Then it would help if you dried them for the rest of the time.

These socks are perfect as they are part of One Tree Hill, which plants a tree for each pair of sockets sold.

Emre Luxury Seamless Bamboo Dress Socks (Womens Bamboo Socks)

Emre Luxury Seamless Bamboo Dress Socks

The Emry Bamboo casual women’s dress socks are a fashionable and colorful storage choice for women who want breathable and colorful dress socks.

The socks consist of the finest bamboo yarn. The socks, as a whole, blend bamboo, lycra, and elastane.

They are available in pastel green, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel orange, pastel lilac, pink, six-color, dark, and six-color pastel mix. Women should wear these socks for special occasions and at work.

The casual Emry female bamboo dressing socks are perfect for working women who want to fit their socks with their sweaters or other accessories and therefore need a myriad of colors.

Anatolian Natural Antibacterial Bamboo Socks (Awesome Bamboo Socks)

BAMBOO SOCKS Natural Comfortable Soft Classy

Our best choice is one of the best-prepared bamboo baggage socks on the market, the Anatolian Natural Antibacterial Seamless Soft Bamboo Socks 4 Pair package. It’s something you and anyone who ends up too close to you will be grateful for to remove foot smell.

They earn tremendous points for a fantastic combination of softness and comfort and provide outstanding respiration to help you overcome sweat for too long. Despite this comfort, they are still slim enough to fit into your drawer snugly and do not feel too bulky with thinner shoes.

If you need calm and warm socks all year round, this is the perfect alternative. They can help your feet relax and avoid the hot summer sun, but they also make your toes toasted during winter strikes. This will reduce the space needed in your drawer and save you money to buy proper winter socks.

They are also suitable to help individuals with fungal infection or other foot issues solve their problems and are perfect if you are allergic to your usual sock brand. If you want to jump to a better feel and better-fit socks, the Anatolians are an excellent place to start – in various colors.

Yomandamor Diabetic Ankle Bamboo Socks (100% Bamboo Socks)

Bamboo Diabetic Ankle Socks

Bamboo Socks 6 Pair are an ideal remedy to relieve foot irritation from rough and painful polyester and cotton alternatives. Better still, the smooth toe stops catching and spinning on your toenails to have a straight fit that doesn’t disturb you during the day.

It is also odor-resistant and prevents stench development even when wearing daily, whether you are at the workplace or on the local trail. With its lightweight construction, every day is made even more relaxing, and it is perfect for all seasons so that you’re as comfortable in January as in July.

However, the most enticing way the socks help improve blood flow is to make it excellent for diabetes and circulatory problems. They’re not too close, but not too loose. The wide, breathable shape of the calf is tight to keep your feet dry.

They’re a great pair of organic best bamboo socks that do much more than making your feeling useful and make them feel good, and we’re sure you’ll feel good, too. Please find out more about such excellent products by checking out our guide to the best compression socks.

Panda Stuff Organic Bamboo Socks (Best Bamboo Socks)

Panda Stuff Organic Bamboo Socks

The Panda Stuff Organic Bamboo Socks 5 Pair is a set of bamboo socks built for a new, eco-conscious professional in a smart, sophisticated package to make them a big present for yourself. Even someone whose feet may be connected to a little TLC.

They have a sleek design and are appropriate for more official and formal occasions while still offering breathability and comfort; you’d probably expect to see it in sports socks. The discreet style makes them a success to wear without feeling too flattered or too dull, both of which are something you would want to avoid.

The single-size construction ranges from shoe sizes 7 through 12, which should be adequate for most of our readers, while the delicate nature ensures that the socks will not feel too tight if you have to walk to the office or hit the peak in time. This respiration keeps your feet dry and increases your relaxation still.

Panda Stuff has created a sock that appeals to any style and can be considered an entire business for quality and efficiency. These socks are rich in class and beauty and are healthy, safe, and something to look forward to, with eco-friendly construction combined with a hypoallergenic style.

Factors We Look At

Many people underestimate the value of this garment when it comes to choosing socks. But I’m not one of them. When I try to pick the best bamboo socks, I pay attention to several factors, including:

  • materials used and how natural they are;
  • the durability of the fabrics;
  • price;
  • breathability;
  • overall comfort in everyday use;
  • additional features like compression or anti-slip inserts.
  • Length and style;

Bamboo Socks Shopping Tips 

When shopping for the best bamboo socks, other considerations than their consistency should be taken into consideration. The length, for example, is an essential criterion. It will rely on your socks’ intent. Are you looking for something great to run? Or do you want your low shoes to wear? Think about the purpose of your socks and choose only then.

Another thing you should remember is the thickness of the material. The heavier your socks are, the more they cushion. Thick socks could also help you feel colder. So if you search for socks in winter, it’s all right to get a couple of thick socks (perhaps, those containing wool). In summer, however, you better give something thin and lightweight your choice.

You should think about their color if your socks are to be noticeable. Nowadays, matching your socks with accessories is popular. Many women and men, for example, get bourgeois socks if they wear a burgundy hat. This may sound like an excessive waste of time but think about all the chances you will have for artistic style.

Bamboo Socks Benefits

To answer this question in full, we had to look at the list of best bamboo socks. You have probably already noted that growing numbers of manufacturers are launching bamboo products. This natural material can now be made of clothes, linens, mattresses, and even furniture. So there is such a bamboo epidemic these days? And why do people want to turn to it, even when deciding to buy socks? Let me explain. Let me explain.

Bamboo is a naturally anti-bacterial anti-bacterial fiber, making it suitable for clothing and socks. It will not allow the unpleasant smell to appear, and it will help prevent fungal growth.

This material is also very appealing. It lets the air flow freely, keeping your feet cool when it is warm or hot when it is cold (I hope this makes sense). The bamboo fabric is more absorbent and efficiently wicks the moisture. Therefore it allows the feet to remain dry even during exercise or the hot season when used in socks.

How to Care of Your Bamboo Socks

Bamboo is a very soft and fragile fabric, so you have to make sure you care for it correctly. Now there are a few rules you have to take into account when using your bamboo socks:

  • Wash them with cold water is better;
  • Choose the gentle cycle always;
  • Air drying is fantastic, but it’s okay with a dryer (use only gentle low heat programs);
  • Avoid mixing the laundry or dryer colors;
  • No need to use a softener fabric;
  • Avoid chlorine. Avoid bleach.


Whatever you do, whether it’s a home lounge or a workout, your socks need to be comfortable and respiratory. And I’m happy to propose the best of them to you.

For the gentlemen, Cariloha’s Crazy Soft Crew Socks are the best bamboo socks, in my opinion. They are a little more expensive than the other ones, but still the most comfortable. I feel that these socks have a perfect amount of all: ample stiffness, sufficient length, and a lot of softness. You fit easily, and you feel amazing so that you can breathe your feet.

As for the beautiful ladies, I strongly suggest looking at Sockwell’s circular graduated compression socks. They even belong to the priests class, but, in my view, each penny is worth it. These socks are tight and soft. Even after a hard day at work or a long flight, your feet are relaxed.

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